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The Cross

The cross demonstrates how much God loves you. It demands a response from you.

Romans 5:6-11 (extra passage)

This passage describes the essence of God’s grace. The cross demonstrates God’s love for us.

Isaiah 52:13-53:12

These scriptures were written approximately 700 years before Jesus was born. They prophecy and accurately reflect Jesus life and death. It may be helpful to put the name of the person studying into Isaiah 53:4-6 to make it more personal.

Psalm 22:1-18 (extra passage)

This prophetic psalm was written by David centuries before Jesus’ birth. It prophesies Jesus’ death on the cross.

Matthew 26:31-35

Jesus predicts Peter’s denial.

Matthew 26:36-46

Jesus provides an excellent example for us when we are struggling to surrender our hearts to God’s will. He prayed until he was surrendered and then rose to face his path.

Matthew 26:47-56

Jesus knew the horrific death he faced. He could have stopped the crucifixion, but he didn’t. Why not? He knew God’s plan was the only way to insure our salvation.

Matthew 26:57-68

The Sanhedrin had to prove to the Roman Empire the need to put Jesus to death. They created lies to support their desires. Jesus remained righteous throughout the trial.

Matthew 26:69-75

The pain Jesus felt was not solely physical. Despite Peter’s insistence that he would never deny Jesus (verse 35), our Lord listened to him outright deny the existence of their relationship. Jesus felt truly alone.

Matthew 27:1-10

Peter and Judas had very different responses to their sin. Peter had godly sorrow which allowed him to repent and go on to become one of the greatest preachers of the New Testament church. Judas had worldly sorrow. He was so consumed with himself that he committed suicide and was never able to do anything great for God again.

Matthew 27:11-26

Pilate offers the crowd the choice to set free one of the condemned men. Similar to our lives, the guilty man is set free while the sinless man is condemned to die. The very people Jesus came to serve repay him with the words, “Crucify him.”

Matthew 27:27-31

The physical torture continues. After a severe flogging which nearly killed him, Jesus is beaten over the head while wearing a crown of thorns.

Matthew 27:32-44

Even while enduring an excruciating death, Jesus hears the mocking from the very people for whom he is dying.

Matthew 27:45-54

Jesus refuses a drink to dull the pain, showing us the extent of his love for us. After a number of hours of excruciating pain, Jesus dies.
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Romans 8:31-32

The cross demands a response from you. Your response needs to show in your life, not simply your words.