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Counting the Costs of Discipleship

This study helps us to be certain we are ready to make Jesus the Lord of our lives.

Luke 14:25-33

God wants us to “estimate” the cost of following him. Think through what it will take to be committed for life. Jesus does not want a rash, emotional or short sighted decision.

1. What have you learned over these past several weeks of prayer and Bible Study?
2. What has changed in your life/heart over the past several weeks?
3. What has been your greatest challenge so far?
4. Why do you want to be a disciple?
5. What will your greatest challenge be in becoming a disciple?
6. Do you see discipleship as a lifetime commitment? (Luke 9:62)
7. Are there any areas of life that you are holding back from surrendering to Jesus?


1. Please explain how to become a Christian.
2. Who do you know who is a Christian? How do you know?
3. How do you know who is and who is not a Christian?
4. Is there any sin you have yet to repent of?
5. Do you understand your new purpose in life as a disciple?
6. Persecution is the inevitable result of preaching repentance. (Acts 26:21, Luke 6:22-23, 2 Timothy 3:12)


1. Who is a candidate for baptism?
2. Can someone be baptized before they repent?
3. Can someone be saved if they repent but are not yet baptized?

The Church

1. What have you come to understand about God’s church?
2. Do you understand that there is only one church? Explain.
3. What is your biblical commitment to the church? (Acts 2:42)
4. Are you committed to meeting with the body when it meets?

Luke 9:57-62

Are there any “but firsts” in your life?

Areas of Jesus’ Lordship

1. Marriage/Dating

  • What costs do you need to count within your marriage?
  • How does your husband/wife feel about you becoming a disciple?
  • Single disciples should only date and marry disciples. Where will you find a disciple to date?

2. Parenting

  • What costs do you need to count within your parenting?
  • Are you committed to seeking advice on your parenting?

3. Job/Career/School

  • What costs do you need to count at your place of employment/education?
  • Is your job or education an idol in your life?
  • If you have to move for school or your job, do you have a conviction to move only where there is a church of disciples?

4. Finances

  • Are you willing to sacrificially give back to God, his church and the poor?

5. Discipling

  • Are you committed to a one-on-one discipling relationship?
  • Get together for follow up studies
  • Confess sin
  • Seek advice
  • Share your faith together
  • How do you feel about…
  • Are you committed to attending the meetings of the body? (Sunday, Wednesday, Devotionals, Bible Talk)
  • Are you committed to being an active member of a Family Group?
  • How are your Quiet Times?

7. Mission

  • How is your personal evangelism?
  • Are you committed to seeking and saving the lost?