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Small Groups

Small Groups
These small groups are designed to build connections and community! Groups usually meet bi-weekly or weekly in homes. For event dates please contact us!

Holden/Greendale: Alberto and Evelyn Malave 774-253-3089


Leominster: April and Danny Maldonado 774-303-3327

Leominster: Oz and Christine Ramos 978-833-0176

Leominster: Oscar and Angele Goss 978-537-5373

Northborough: John and Alice Clark 508-393-6259

Shrewsbury/Worcester: Tim and Francia Rehberg 508-753-6894,

Eric and Santa Spiegel 508-579-8234

Spencer: Paul and Maureen Butts 508-365-7267 

Webster/Douglas: Kelvin and Marilyn Wilson 508-901-7467

Worcester: Jerry and Lori Maday 774-272-5128

Worcester/Millbury: Steve and Maria Filiere 508-826-7034, James and Michelle Waire 774-222-8567

Empty Nesters
Shrewsbury: Gerry and Paula Brady 508-842-3934

Young Families 
Northborough/Worcester: Brian and Mari Lemerise 508-948-5273,


Young Marrieds/Young Families 
Millbury/Auburn: Mark and Laura Overdevest 407-405-0967, Matt and Lisa Quinn 585-216-7076


Alberto and Evelyn Malave 774-253-3089

Singles/Young Professionals
Alec Dorval 978-602-7444 & Wennie Amechi 774-303-3711

Women’s Groups
Worcester: Sharon Adair 508-752-1794 and Penny McCormack 508-873-7747

Worcester/Spencer: Laura Nowick 508-320-1291 and Barbra Breaux 508-769-5336

South Grafton: Jennifer Capewell 508-397-5339 and Vicki Hodges 508-527-5030

Campus Ministry - Assumption, Clark, Holy Cross, Quinsigamond CC, Worcester State and WPI

Jaime and Makaela Trujillo 254-251-8759
Marcela Torres 781-479-6395


Youth & Family: Brandyn and Felipe Bascones 774-437-2563

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