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Worcester Weekly- January 22, 2023

Special Midweek announcement: This Wednesday, January 25, we will have a special midweek service with John Oakes, author of In Christ. He will be doing a special midweek service for us and the Ocean State Church.This meeting will be held via Zoom.

Baptisms: Congratulations to Angel Diaz who was baptized into Christ on Thursday evening. His is in addition to Brian Grady and Sean Hayes who were baptized last week. Welcome to the family!

Marriage Retreat: Registration is now open for the Marriage Retreat – Deeper to be held March 3-5. Our marriage and ourselves are like all living things. The deeper our roots, the healthier and stronger we’ll be. As married couples we need to be able to gain strength from one another and from God if we are going to enjoy our marriages to the fullest. Please join us for a weekend in beautiful Newport, RI as focus on taking it Deeper.

This year we are at the Newport Harbor Island Resort in Newport RI. The retreat price is $55, and the room rate is $139/night. Register online at: (Be sure to select the Deeper retreat.) As is our practice, Friday night is an open evening to spend with your spouse. The retreat classes will begin at 12:30 pm on Saturday and we will end around 5 pm. The program will end at 1 pm on Sunday. Our guest speakers this year are Kim & Larry Reed.

Midweek Services: We will have a special Zoom Midweek on January 25, featuring John Oakes, author of In Christ, our sermon series book. In February, we will follow our usual schedule, with a congregational midweek on February 1, Men’s Midweek on February 8, Family Group Midweek on February 15 and Women’s Midweek on February 22.

Directory Update: We will be updating the directory to include the new Christians, as well as any address/phone number changes. Please send your changes to Michelle Charon at as soon as possible, as we would like to get the new directory distributed this month.

EMS Mixer: EMS is sponsoring a series of three cultural mixers to connect disciples the US and European churches. Join the time of fellowship, sharing from European members, pray for peace in Ukraine and meet other disciples in breakout rooms. The first event will take place on Saturday, February 4 at 10 am. Register online at:

Financial Peace University: If you are looking to dump debt, get your budget under control and manage money God’s way, then Financial Peace University is your answer. Join Sandy Meindersma for the 9 week class that begins on January 26. Sign up online at or contact Sandy at 508-207-3159 for more information.

Right Now Media: If you have not received your invitation to Right Now Media, please contact Sydney Caswell at

Northpointe Worship Center: The Northpointe Worship Center in Devens has its own web address:

Worship services online: Sunday services will continue to be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook, as will the congregational midweek service the first Wednesday each month. Sunday service is at 10 AM and Midweek will be at 7:30 PM.



Ann Efstathion: Please pray for a negative result from her biopsy. Cherie O’Connor: She is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3c cancer. Please pray that the treatment continues to work and that the spots identified on her most recent scan are benign. Bob Jette: has very limited mobility that has prevented him from attending services lately. But he would love the fellowship and encouragement of his brothers and sisters. If you're able to give him a call - (508) 890-8804 - or to stop by for a visit (please call first). Aaron Richman: His mother is hospitalized in Florida. Please pray for her recovery. David Frost: Please pray that he be will cured of his Lyme disease, once and for all.



MINISTRY STAFF Lead Evangelist/Women’s Ministry Leader: Tom & Sydney Caswell 508-434-0253

Campus Ministry: Ida Benson-Jaja 912-508-2871 Marcela Torres 781-479-6395

Teen Ministry: Derek Lartey-Young 912-312-6065

Benevolence Ministry: Kelvin Wilson 508-901-7467 Marilyn Wilson 508-901-7468

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