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Worcester Weekly- May 17, 2020

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Worship services online: We will be holding online services for midweek and Sunday worship for the foreseeable future. Sunday service is at 11 AM and Midweek will be at 7:30 PM. Both will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. This Wednesday, 5/20 is a Women’s Midweek. Shawn Wooten will be our guest preacher on Sunday, May 24. Morning Devotionals: Join Marcela on Tuesdays and Ida on Thursdays at 9 AM for an online morning devotional on our YouTube channel. Schedule Notes: Please make a note of these scheduled events: · Wednesday, May 27 will be an All Church Praise and Worship Midweek. Blessings: What is a blessing that you see or are experiencing as a result of the pandemic and related closures? Send your responses to Tom at Tomcaswell@inbox.com and he will be reading them as part of our sermon series. Special Missions: We WILL be collecting our annual Special Missions Contribution, which we typically do in May and October. If you have your contribution set aside and would like to give it this month, feel free to do so as you would regulation contribution. Please be sure it is designated as special missions. World Discipleship Seminar: The WDS scheduled for July has been postponed to 2022. More information about cancelation and rolling over registrations will be sent directly to those who have registered. Choosing a name for Leominster/Fitchburg worship center: As part of our planting of the new Worship Center in Leominster/Fitchburg in September of this year, we need your help in choosing a name for this new Worship Center. Please send your suggestions to Chris Efstathion at: cefstathion@gmail.com no later than May 24. Eldership process: If you have any questions regarding the plan or process to appoint elders, please send them to Tom at Tomcaswell@inbox.com. Virtual Fellowship Hall: Join us every Sunday after service by going to The Worcester Church website (http://www.worcesterchurch.org) and click the Virtual Fellowship Hall links (VFH button on the top or under the ministries section). You will be asked to enter the password: JESUS 1 (537871) God is working in and through these times: To keep our eyes focused on God and to help us stay connected, send us your good news! We want to share it with the congregation so that everyone may be encouraged. Send your news to Sydney at sydney88caswell@gmail.com. Benevolent requests: If you find yourself in need of assistance, please let your Bible Talk leader know so that we can help you. Contribution: We are still collecting contribution every week. We encourage everyone to sign up with Tithe.ly as it will be so helpful during this time! Contribution can also be mailed to John Clark, 1 Brendon Drive, Northborough, MA 01532. Please do not mail cash. PRAYER REQUESTS Please keep all first responders and health care workers in your prayers as they are on the front line of the pandemic. Pray that they continue to have the energy and courage to continue to serve, and that they may stay healthy. Please also pray for the parents of children at home, especially those with special needs and behavioral issues. Please pray for them to have patience and receive and extra measure of grace. Pray for those who have lost jobs or had hours reduced, that they may have security and peace. Ozzie Ramos: His father, who lives in a nursing home, has tested positive for COVID-19. Penny McCormack: Her niece suffered a severe stroke, and is hospitalized in Boston. Bob Jette: He is home recovering from a stroke and a fall. Please pray for his recovery and for his wife Lisa. The Cantrell family: Sam, Venessa, Caroline and Connor would like prayers for Angie’s (Sam’s mother) new husband Mike Ciaraldi, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray that he will be approved for and be able to tolerate the latest chemotherapy treatment. Sydney Caswell: Please pray for Sydney's mom Ursula who is undergoing a third round of chemo for ovarian/ lymphatic cancer. Robin Farrell: Linda Dutile’s sister (and Erin and Jessica’s aunt) has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Please pray that she can grow in strength in the Lord and for pain relief. Jeff Crumble: He is in need of liver transplant and is being placed on the donor list. Christine Arsenault, Susan Auger & Mark Holmberg: Please pray for their brother John Holmberg who has Stage 1 Lung Cancer. He will be starting radiation treatment very soon. Please pray the cancer is eradicated. Please continue to pray for their Uncle Jim who has been placed in hospice care as he is no longer able to tolerate chemotherapy for his cancer. Please pray for him and our families. Tyrone Jones: He is continuing treatment for amyloidosis. MAY BIRTHDAYS

Jesse Caswell 5/2 Ashley Charon 5/3 Brittany Charon 5/6 Lisa Joyce 5/8 Kathy Hartman 5/10 J.P. Pierre 5/10 Wennie Amechi 5/11 Gwendolene Mudiapa 5/12 Brandyn Bascones 5/14 Brian Lemerise 5/14 Stacy Sullivan 5/14 Maureen Butts 5/17 Gabriel Richman 5/18 Robert Kingman 5/21 Kevin Mahoney 5/25 Dawn Shanklin 5/26 Anna Whited 5/27 Karlee Filiere 5/28 Ben Bolduc 5/29 Veronica Loza 5/30 Will Mark 5/31

MINISTRY STAFF Lead Evangelist/Women’s Ministry Leader: Tom & Sydney Caswell 508-434-0253 Campus Ministry: Ida Benson-Jaja 912-508-2871 Marcela Torres 781-479-6395 http://www.worcesterchurch.org/


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