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Get a Grip! Grab your Bible...


Read - Rev 1:3, Ephesians 3:4, Acts 8:28

Meditate - Psalm 1, 2 Tim 2:7, II Cor 3:17-18

Memorize - Rom 10:8, Proverbs 22:17-18

Listen / Hear - Prov 8:32-35, Col 4:16, I Tim 4:13, James 1:22 “He who has Ears to Hear”

Study - Ezra 7:10, Acts 17:10-11, Matthew 13:23

READ - Tips on reading

• Pay attention! You are not watching TV – Focus. A wise teacher once said, “You can learn anything if you do three things… PAY ATTENTION, PAY ATTENTION and PAY ATTENTION”.

• Don’t “TALK” to yourself! You will read more if you do not vocalize under your breath or in your mind.

• Jot down your questions and Bible verses – So you won’t get distracted – Come back Later and study / meditate / Memorize it.

• Slow down on tougher topics – Try not to re-read the same paragraphs too often.

MEDITATE – Quiet Time Questions to Pray to help you meditate on God’s word…

• How does this apply to me personally?

• Is there any sin I can repent of and forsake that I’ve learned about in this passage?

• Lord, is there a promise here for me to appreciate?

• Is there an example here for me learn from and follow? Or avoid, if it’s a bad example?

• Is there a warning for me to heed?

• What do I see and learn about the nature of God here?

• How can I use this passage to help other disciples? Non-believers?

MEMORIZE –Memorization is a basic learning skill

What is a synonym for a disciple? A LEARNER

• Don’t Make Excuses – Proverbs 22:13 “Sluggard’s Fear of Hard Work”

• See the Benefit! PS 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

• Work Hard and Work Smart! Eph 5:15-16 Flash Cards / 3x5 cards / “Take the Lord w/ you – Everywhere you go!”

LISTEN – Tips on Active Listening

• Establish eye Contact w/ Speaker

• Take Notes Effectively – Retention jumps from 10% to 50% when you actively listen and jot down key points.

• Be Physically Involved beyond Eye Contact / Note Taking

• Keep a Journal

• Love to learn!

STUDY –Basic Questions to Ascertain Meaning of God’s Word Study John 9:24-34

• Who is writing?

• To whom is it written?

• Who is speaking in the account?

• What was the general purpose of this writing?

• Is there a specific problem being addressed?

• What light do other scriptures shed on these topics?

• Does history shed light on this passage?

• Is this a dispensational / unique occurrence?

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